VIP Islands – Membership Exclusivities

Hey there guys. It’s Nameless. If you just so happen to be wondering why I’m not shouting and gloomy, then I’m here to explain it.

Do you remember when Nabooti became available to Members only? Non-Members still had a Demo, but they couldn’t finish the island. Well if you didn’t know about that: It’s true. But this has gotten… Well, worse for non-members, I suppose.

Non-Members are used to being treated almost completely the same as Members, with the exception of Early Access and the Friends Page Extras (But that’s understandable). Members being the youngest sibling, getting the extra little things, and Non-Members being the oldest: Not too far back.

Now, however, non-members have become the dreaded Middle-Child (It’s just a thing). Poptropica has come down with Middle Kid Syndrome. Non-Members now have 7 islands off-limits to them. They are:

  • Wimpy Wonderland
  • Big Nate Island
  • Red Dragon Island
  • Great Pumpkin Island
  • Wimpy Boardwalk
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Poptropica Blog’s Official Post on this says, “7 More Reasons To Love Poptropica.” My response of this on Twitter was, “ “7 More Reasons To Love Membership” but 7 more reasons to dislike Non-Membership and the freeness of .”

And as you already knew, Nabooti. I wonder what other changes will be made… Poptropica said this may be temporary, but then again, it may not be. Thankfully, Counterfeit Island is still available to me (As I am a non-member), but sadly, Great Pumpkin will not be.

So I was about to say something about how I’m shocked the Wimpy Kid islands are on this list, but then I looked again so here’s an updated version of what I was going to say.

It shocks me that these are ALL sponsor islands. I can understand Wimpy Kid, seeing as how Jeff Kinney owns them. But the rest? I don’t see myself buying Membership just so I can play a Peanuts Island. I’m not that obsessed. But they are all sponsor islands, so I’m somewhat surprised that these were all made Members Only.

Maybe it’s my way of thinking, maybe it’s not. Let me know what you think of these changes in the comments.


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