History of the Dummies

Way back in 2010 a guy by the name of ieges found a glitch to turn normal Poptropicans into dummies like the ones in the super power island costume store. This is how the glitch used to be performed (https://plus.google.com/+KeithSammut/posts/CGfd48rXRvX?pid=6073074290800312802&oid=113611814375857286558).

These dummies are special because they can customise anything from people and Poptropicans can customise anything that the dummy is wearing! Anyway, so ieges created a site called dummytron (http://dummytron.weebly.com/) so people could get their own dummies. Unfortunately Poptropica found out about this and patched the glitch to become a dummy. Also if you log into a dummy account it will be changed back to a normal Poptropican! 😦 However, if you are lucky you can still find old dummy accounts on Poptropica friends and customise rare items from them! Most of the dummies have the name Silver Thunder because they are clone accounts but in some rare cases there are dummies that don’t have this name. Yeah, so dummies these days wearing rare stuff are considered the Holy Grail! I hope this helps people understand what the dummies are ;D

By Kert 🙂

Interesting Photos of the Dummies:

Featured image


6 thoughts on “History of the Dummies

    • The image is of the Costume Collector. I have that on some account of mine (Forgot which). I miss that. It was like an early version of the closet, available in the store for a few hundred credits. Then Membership was introduced and it’s since been removed.


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