Poptropica Lost Items

I have made a list of some rare things you can have in Poptropica. NOTE THESE ARE NOT ORDERED FROM RARE TO LEAST RARE. (If you want to add or change something feel free to tell me in the comments! 😀 because this page is unfinished)- Kert128

(Some of these may get deleted if they get leaked into the public and become common)

Weird Costume (From an add called chuck???)

Featured image

PC Version of Costumes Available on Poptropica App (You are supposed to only be able to get these costumes on the Poptropica App)

Featured image

FULL Dodo Costume (Body and hair aren’t customisible but face is)

Featured image

Bear Costume (From Open Season ad)

Featured image

Tron Costume (PATCHED)

Girl Angry Eyes

Featured image

Named Account


Your Poptropican is a Dummy (Or used to be a dummy)

Honey Nut Cheerios Ad (PATCHED)


66 thoughts on “Poptropica Lost Items

  1. I have the Deception Shirt. And though I am a glitcher, I am certainly not the best ever. So I dont know about tht.


    • @Teddyman365 In Keith’s ad transporter, there is the Blimp Adventure and I’m guessing they used some sort of cool glitch to make Cumolo Nimbus costumizable.


      • Nah I reckon Pixel used coding to get her costumes by obtaining swfl files. Kinda like what benchow did… I’m 100% certain because its practically impossible to get this items in game like the zombie eyed bird mask.


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