Welcome to the chat guys and you can talk about anything you wan’t as long if its not inappropriate or violence in your messages. And if you and if you follow those rules,  you can have as much as you wan’t and as long! Have fun!!!!

My chat:


1. be nice

2. no violence inapp messages

So Have fun TO THE MAX!!!


8 thoughts on “Chat!!!

  1. I commented on PHB, hoping for a reply, but I didn’t get one. Do any of you have the rare black and white rockstar glasses, and if so, could you make an asg? I REALLY want those, and I have no idea where to get them from.


  2. GUYS 😦 i might be quitting poptropica in awhile i know you might not care but it is boring and i moved on i am focussing more on school and poptropica is kind of a waste of time so i’ve enjoyed being here with you all and have a happy LIFE.


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