Poptropica Bugs

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By KeithSammut
Friends Glitch
Well if you cut out the middle man…
Room Glitch (From atl Character POV)
Hoops Bug
Multiverse Bug
Hoops Bug 2
Featured image
Arabian Nights (EP3) Bug — Credit: Kert128

Featured imageMonster Carnival Flying Glitch — Credit: Kert128

Featured image

Super Power Underground Glitch — Credit: Kert128

Friends Pug Glitch— Credit: Fast Lizard

The 8 star frozen glitch ~ND

the glitchosphere ~ND ~KS

Featured image

Willy Wonka Swimming Glitch – Kert128

Featured image

Willy Wonka Glitch – Kert128

 Inventory glitch ~ND

the friends glitch~ND


Question Image Changer ~~TT


21 thoughts on “Poptropica Bugs

  1. to do that thing to go underground and stuff, all u need to do, is have poptropica open while opening another tab and doing stuff on it and then when you go back to pop, everything is underground even the other peeps


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