Mystery of Black Afro Guy

Black afro guy is a strange glitching Poptropican who has appeared almost everywhere on Poptropica! Although his appearance differs from time to time his most common traits are that he has a wide smile, black afro, white skin, white singlet and black pants. It is often believed that afro guy is the default Poptropican so if a Poptropican hasn’t finished loading yet and doesn’t know what to look like it becomes afro guy! A guaranteed way to see afro guy is to customise a photo from your account way before it has finished loading. If you do this instead of your costume coming up afro guy will appear! You can then customise him 😀 A lot of my friends are scared of him and consider him the Poptropica version of slender man 🙂 – Kert128

Interesting Photos of Black Afro Guy:

(Look Near the Top Left Hand Corner of the Bin)


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