Who is here….

Who is still has the Poptropica spirit…I kind of curious because I got bored and I just felt like it was the right time since it almost the end of the year :). Besides it was out almost 10 years ago.


The Robot Project

Me and BG (BashFul Gamer) Created an account about all the night watch robots, Its only a project so its not officially done but their is a JetPack on it so I guess you can ASG it if you choose to but till in construction for a while, so get it while you can! 😀


It will happen!

Sorry if I was gone for a whole 2 months and this blog has gotten dead (I still read the comments that come on my phone though) I think I will comeback to the blog for one last few months and then it is OVER, The blog will be probably deleted and will possibly stay like that but…Guess who’s playing poptropica again! XD

Ninja Dude Account is back!

Long time no see guys, Today I’m here to talk about my new NinjaDude Account (Thanks to RedLizard/RL) on poptropica (Picture down below for proof) It is not an account I would usesince you will not be able to see it nobody can hack it and also very hard to transfer stuff and the name is especially rare just by itself. There is nothing in the poptropicans closet but himself because its the same costume he is wearing now so here is a sneak peek on how it looks and I hope you all HAVE A SPECTACULAR DAY!!! “Thanks RL”

What the Heck just happened

Ok so here is just some random story that happens to me all the time when I get on xat! First, I’m thinking like “I should go on xat and check out some stuff” Well somehow I can’t, usually it says not connected or it will sit on the screen before you see the xat names and the actual chat and now I cannont even bother to try because I don’t have any suggestions that I could use but I’m still trying and also a lot busy but I’m just making this post just so you know I’m not dead or not active its just my computer so below this post can you give me an suggestion on how to fix this TERRIBLE problem with xat “Please & Thank You” ~NinjaDude