Cool asg

I made an interesting asg it is…. *yuno*. Have a look at it and enjoy! 🙂


The End of The Line

Hello guys it has been quite a while since i have made another post. Is it just me or does it seem this blog is kinda becoming dead?? Anyway I think its time I told the truth. After a long run I am quitting Poptropica. Now i will probably stay on this blog and post something. I will also stay on xat and the Poptropica community so I wont just vanish into thin air :). Why I have quit Poptropica you may ask? Well I am just finding Poptropica boring and have kinda out grown out of it. Big shout out to every1 who has supported or helped me out through my Poptropica days. Also if u need some asgs don’t hesitate to ask me.

Kert 2010-2016 on Poptropica


Well guys if things weren’t annoying enough “Jumpy Speck” who ik LEAKED THE ENTIRE ASGS LIST ONTO THE PHB COMMENTS. And he is getting all the credit for it.

There is no point in the asgs on this blog which me and a few others worked painstakingly hard for.

Im ok with leaking this to the public but someone else doing it behind my back? Definitely not.

This just sickens me (everything is literally copied and pasted from the asgs list) :

Game Show Robots

Well recently, there has been more robot costumes from game show island going around on Poptropica. I have decided to make an account that has some these robot costumes saved in its closet for people to view. I will also add more robot costumes to the account if more are found.

The username for the account is: Kert-is-a-robot


Well it has been 4 weeks since I have been back on Poptropica and Xat or the internet for that matter 😦 ! I apologize for any in convince this has caused. I’m thinking about giving an asg out for free 🙂 Tell me in the comments what it should be!

Cool ASG

Recently, an asg has being released.

Its is: npc:eliteserenityco

credit to keithsammut/grand/HP and all thanks to them we would not have this asg to send to you guys so feel free to use it whenever you wan’t because its a 24 hour gift to you guys for being so awesome so make sure you leave a like and comment on this post and probably next time we will release another one 🙂