I’m not dead

Hey guys, if you remember me, I am a dude who used to play Poptropica, and then I quit 5 months ago. Things are going ok for me, as I am now a junior in high school. I remember this game and if anyone wants anything from my account dadarules*hi, feel free to ask.


I’m Not Dead!

Hey, I know I have been gone for a long time, but I am back! It’s been mostly school that impeded my ability to blog, and some outside happenings have also slowed me down. Now for the grand giveaway, I am still loading the account with stuff and I apologize for the long wait. Never fear, I plan on announcing the winner on the 15th OF NOVEMBER.

Leaving Poptropica?

Hey guys, this is Karambit. Due to recent circumstances with my friends and school workload, I won’t have enough time to devote my computer free time to playing Poptropica. I can only allocate about 30 minutes a day to playing/chatting, and that, I’m assuming isn’t as much I used to. The shine of Poptropica is fading for me, and it’s time to move on. Leave a comment below to say what you think. And, don’t worry. I will continue to be on the chatrooms and maybe do some occasional blogging. Maybe, I’ll do a giveaway of an account LOADED with ‘sorta-rares’ as a farewell. (Stuff like oversized smile, Nanny McPhee nose, Ghost Story man’s cape (not Dr. Cumulonimbus’), Shark Boy, etc. DO NOT COME UP TO ME AND SAY ‘BOOHOO THIS STUFF ISN’T RARE… BOOHOO’. I am giving away this for only the viewers who are getting into glitching and ‘rares’.

I want to thank you all for the many years of support in Poptropica.


The Future?

We can only hope for the best for the Ghost Story Cloak.

Everything else was leaked, and I’m doing my best with a few other acquaintances to keep this think out of the bag. And I assure you readers, the ASG I am about to create will not be obvious. So, as always, peace.