Well guys if things weren’t annoying enough “Jumpy Speck” who ik LEAKED THE ENTIRE ASGS LIST ONTO THE PHB COMMENTS. And he is getting all the credit for it.

There is no point in the asgs on this blog which me and a few others worked painstakingly hard for.

Im ok with leaking this to the public but someone else doing it behind my back? Definitely not.

This just sickens me (everything is literally copied and pasted from the asgs list) :


  1. I say, it must be a little irritating to see all your hard work put in the comment section of some page. That’s just stupid of that person to post without permission. Oh, and one more thing: Do you know the asg username for the rockstar glasses? I have been looking for it everywhere, and the username Rileycangetrarecostumes isn’t working. Please help.

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      • Oh, so sorry. I didn’t go here for a long time, but thanks so much for offering to help. I already got the glasses. BTW, why don’t you ask the PHB staff to take down the comment? I would be SO mad that somebody took my hard work and posted it without my permission.


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