What’s Next?

All of you guys seemed to like the last leak, so I’m wondering if we should do another leak in the future. I want you guys to vote to tell me what you think.

7 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Well, here’s my take on leaks. If you didn’t do any work to get it, don’t complain it’s leaked. But if you ground your loins and used some device to get the items yourself, then the complaint is legit. Personally for me, if I found some type of exploit, I ‘d leak everything. Not the method, but the items gained from method. Why? Because it’s a kid’s game and it will get people to shut up about rares, trading and scamming. Yeah sure, rareness and all that, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s just pixels on a computer screen.
    ~ Peace out

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  2. On a second note, don’t take leaks for granted. People who worked for the items made a personal choice to leak them. So if you demand more from said person, it makes them feel as if they are taken advantage of. Appreciate the beauty of the costume piece itself, not how you compare against other “glitchers”. I might get a lot hate for my opinion and the idea won’t resonate in people’s heads, but that’s fine with me.


  3. GC, I have the complete right to leak the items. People who discovered the ASGs did not go through the same experiences to obtain these. As the original obtained, (or one of them), I can tell if the conditions are suitable to leak. If you’re gonna yell and tell me off, I’ll just take that with a teensy, tiny, grain of salt.


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