I have a 3 statements of poptropica for you guys

  • So why would poptropica wan’t you to buy membership??? If you guys didn’t know I have seen people with membership for 2 years now without logging in…what would that mean.
  • Poptropica asks you for your age and email and also needs your parents email but we all know there are lots and loads of hackers out there and specially the ones we know on the chat but then people notice its a kids game what could it possibly do…
  • Poptropica apps, How does it work and why wouldn’t they put old islands on ipad if sui and old islands are exactly the same but just more colors added to that island…yeah maybe ask poptropica for that one guys

6 thoughts on “I have a 3 statements of poptropica for you guys

  1. They made Poptropica apps because you can play it where ever you go, like you don’t take a laptop to the mall, you would take you’re phone.


  2. YEAH THE ONES ON THE CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s when I started to get hacked like every day on every new account. After I started Xat. But I like Xat anyway, Idk why lol.


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