Good Glitching Guide For Beginners

If you play Poptropica and want to be great at glitching or obtaining rare items on the game but you are bit overwhelmed I have decided to make a guide to help you on your journey.

Tip #1 Friends/ASG

Friend good glitchers like the ones mentioned on ND’s blog. Then by checking your friends regularly, you can sometimes catch them doing a trade with rare items because their account is an asgable.You can tell if your friends are doing the asg glitch because they are either wearing the jetpack (from early poptropica),chameleon suit (from spy island), bow tie (from spy island) or the hang glider (from time tangled island). Make sure you remember the usernames of your friends so you can asg them in the future. Nothing more sad then having a cloneable Poptropican with super rare stuff and realising you can’t find his username.

Tip #2 Trading

Trading items with other Poptropicans is a excellent way of getting rares you want. I suggest going onto the Phc or the Epic Serenity Xat to trade with people. Make sure when you trade with them though to put on the items mentioned above in tip2 so you can trade your items through ASG.

Tip #3 Following Amazing Poptropica Blogs (like ND’s :P)

Follow Poptropica blogs like this one (do it now if you haven’t) that are into glitching. Sometimes they may hold give aways with rare items or tell you good asgs. The authors may also have usernames with rares to show you what you may want in the future.

Tip #4 Don’t Give Up (like ever)

I know this sounds a bit cliché or cheesy but it is true. If you want to become good at glitching on Poptropica you should keep going because you never know how close you maybe to achieving that goal.

So that’s it from me. Tell me what you think in the comments


11 thoughts on “Good Glitching Guide For Beginners

  1. Hi, I really like this blog it’s SO useful no wonder my friend recommended it, I wish I could follow but I am account-less…


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